Instructions for Use

Always add to a reservoir of clean water at every feeding during all stages of plant growth. It's very important to add Power Si before any other nutrients & boosters to maximize effectiveness.


  • Regular - 3ml per 5 Gallons

  • Special (To slow vertical growth) - 6ml per 5 Gallons

  • Foliage Spray (Maintenance) - 1ml per Liter, 4ml per Gallon

  • Foliage Spray (Repair) - 2ml per Liter, 8ml per Gallon


  • Always mix first in the reservoir filled with clean water (reverse osmosis or dechlorinated).
  • If during early bloom your plants continue to stretch too much, double the dose up to the bloom stage. This helps tighten node spacing & slow vertical stretching.
  • If you are experiencing nutrient deficiencies, often Power Si helps correct those deficiencies within a few days by making existing nutrients more bioavailable. This is a better option than adding more nutrients & potentially causing more harm.
  • Power Si can be used all throughout veg and from up to the 4th or 6th week of flower.