A Natural Life Insurance For Your Plants


Power Si is a unique organic biomix, a primary source of highly bioavailable monosilicic acid, supplemented with bio-minerals.Power Si is the only silica product on the market that uses a patented silicic acid matrix for superior absorption. Many other silica products are not bioavaliable, take longer and need microbial interaction to become available to the plant.

Power Si is soluble, bioavailable and can be assimilated immediately by the plants in order to increase nutrient uptake and stimulate the immune responses.

The silicic acid in Power Si is the fastest way to deliver silicon and has a positive interaction with calcium so you will see increased benefits and calcium usage with Power Si. This formula is guaranteed to improve your crops yield, vigor, strength & lateral branching. Power Si can also be used on any crop type, even fruits and vegetables.

Power Si also creates resistance against abiotic (non-living physical & chemical elements: temperature, weather, natural disasters) & biotic stress (living organisms: pathogens & pests), & reduces the need for pesticides.


The primary component of Power Si is a unique compound called silicic acid (AKA the bio-available form of silicon). You often see potassium silicate and calcium silicate used as amendments for soil. Before the plant can absorb them, these forms of silicon must be converted (by the microbes in the soil) into silicic acid.

Power Si has this pure form of silicic acid ready and available for the plant to utilize immediately. Silicic acid deposits a special form of silicate within each cell wall and helps create a barrier within the plant. This forms a rigid outer structure comparable to a balloon. You can press and squeeze but it continues to holds its shape, similar to a plant cell enhanced with silicon. Power Si allows the cell wall to remain strong and firm, enabling the plant to stay upright, resist insect bites and temperature fluctuations, and provide resistance to all the different stresses that plants can encounter.

Our product also provides increased mineral transport. Because silicic acid has a very unique property as a molecule, it has the ability to grab onto other minerals that exist in the growing medium, transport them up through the roots, and distribute them throughout the tissue of the plant all the way to the outer leaves. When a plant absorbs silicic acid, it triggers the immune system response and keeps it active so the plant is by nature more likely to resist any kind of disease or attack. Stress due to pests, fungus and other pathogens is minimized.